Kalium Theme Nulled GPL​

If you are reading this, you have probably searched for ‘Kalium theme nulled’ or ‘Kalium theme gpl’.

We’d love it if you wouldn’t use dodgy, nulled versions of any themes, including our own. It hurts our industry and the WordPress community in general.

Not only will you never receive updates for the theme, you will also be ineligible for support.

Kalium theme is the full-time business of 3 guys from Kosovo. We’ve been building products with WordPress for more than a decade and this is now our sole source of income and it has been a long, hard slog building this website and these products.

If you want to get this theme without using a crappy nulled version, we are happy to tell you that we offer discounts 1-2 times a year so you can keep an eye for discount.

If you still don’t want to fork out your hard-earned $ for the actual supported version of the Kalium theme, we wish you luck in your quest to find a Kalium theme nulled version. Just hope that it’s not full of tracking, analytics, malware, viruses and other such things that may compromise your website or your computer.

In the search for a nulled or GPL version of our theme, maybe you might get your hands on one of these versions:

  • Kalium theme nulled version 3.14
  • Kalium theme nulled version 3.14.1
  • Kalium theme nulled version 3.15
  • Kalium theme nulled version 3.16
  • Kalium theme nulled version 4.0

Maybe these versions are legit, or maybe they are not. Who knows? Have fun playing the nulled themes game.