Meet all the Unlimited Features and Possibilities

Building beautiful websites with a few clicks has never been so easy.
Discover the unlimited features and possibilities that Kalium theme offers.


Core Web Vitals Ready

Optimized for Core Web Vitals, Google’s new performance metrics, to help you get great results in search engines only with the Kalium theme.

Well-Optimized Code

Kalium is developed by following accordance with modern industry standards. Clean, fast, readable code and open for changes and new features.

Page Speed

Kalium WordPress theme is built to be a very lightweight theme. Your visitors will love how fast your website is.

Lazy Load

Images are loaded only when they are near the user’s viewport. You can always disable this feature if you want a third-party plugin to do this job.

Self Hosted Google Fonts

Host Google fonts locally with a single click. As a result, your site will be GDPR compliant and fonts will load faster and improve (CWV) score.

Font Face Rendering

Font display property defines how font files are loaded and displayed by the browser. Options included are Auto, Block, Swap, Fallback, and Optional.


Conditional Loading of Fonts

Apply the font only when some criteria are met, add fonts only on product pages, blog posts, etc. Possibilities are unlimited.

Export/Import Typography

Import or Export all your typography settings, font sizes and other options from one Kalium project to another without any hassle.

All Units Supported

Choose your global typography preferred font size unit, or choose separately for every selector. Offered options are px, em, rem, pt, vw, and %.

Font preloading

This option allows you how to preload web fonts using rel=”preload” to remove any flash of un-styled text (FOUT).

Full Typography Control

Add your custom selector and if you need advanced options they are as follows:  Font Variants, Text Transform, Line Height, Letter Spacing, etc.

Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a library of 1,400+ open source font families. They can be used on any website, whether it’s a commercial or personal project. 

Adobe Fonts

Integrate your Adobe Fonts within Kalium with minimal effort. Just paste your API token and the fonts that are in it will be available on your site.

Premium Fonts

Premium fonts worth $149 (per site) are available for Kalium users only. Make your site look very professional by using these premium fonts.

External Fonts

This feature is suitable for services that provide stylesheet URLs only and not the web fonts individually.

Self-hosted Fonts

Locally host fonts on the same server and stay compliant with GDPR rules. Your website will have faster load times and fewer external queries.

System Fonts

As System fonts are installed and available on users’ computers, they don’t rely on third-party services and load faster than any other font.


Highly customizable

Kalium theme lets you customize many areas of WooCommerce​ so you can achieve the look that you want and convert your store visitors to clients.

Catalog and Product layouts

More than 20 combinations of catalog and product layouts to pick from. Create an exceptional shopping experience for your customers.

Products Wishlist

Wishlists allow guests and customers to add products to a wishlist and later encourage users to return to your site and make a purchase.

Grid Layout

Show the shop products in different grid layouts where you can choose the number of columns to split the products into.

Catalog Mode

Enabling the catalog mode disables the shop functionality of your site such as the cart and checkout page and hides the prices from all the products.


Optimize your store by using any of the multiple types of payments that are supported making it the perfect eCommerce site.

Product reviews

Show or hide product ratings and reviews in general or conditionally depending on where you want them to be visible or where to hide them.

Sales badge styling

Multiple pre-made badge layouts, also options to customize the styling of your sales badges on the shop archive and single product pages.

Social Network Sharing

Get social sharing options to share the products to the most known social networks without the need to install any external plugin.

Related products

Selling more is always better, keep showing related products below the product page to users that may be interested in purchasing them.

Infinite Scroll

Keep showing products with infinite scroll where products keep showing on the same page once the user reaches the bottom of the page.

Product Filters

Multiple options to filter your products. And if that is not enough, the Product Filter for WooCommerce plugin offers unlimited options for you.


Beautiful popup in the header that shows the cart contents and updates in real-time as users add or remove products from it.

Multi-step Checkout

Create a better experience for your customers by splitting the checkout process into several steps. This will improve the conversion rate and makes checkout faster and easier.


Unlimited portfolio layouts

Unique portfolio types and options that lead to fantastic portfolios with unlimited styles to showcase your work in just a few steps.

Single portfolio layouts

Kalium has unlimited single portfolio layouts based on 7 base layouts which lead to unlimited combinations.

Adjustable hover styles

Multiple hover styles are included which are used to organize the title, category, or tags of each portfolio item and get the best from them.

Reaction feature (like, favourite)

Implemented in Kalium portfolio is the reaction feature, which allows users to like or favorite any portfolio item.

Video and GIF support

The use of videos or GIF files instead of featured images makes your site more interactive and fun to use, included with multiple video controls.

Category filtering

Smart category and sub-category filtering to give your users a better site experience when browsing your site.

Masonry Layout

Choose to order your projects in the masonry layout, or add them manually and craft the layout that you have in mind.

Rich Lightbox Options

Multiple options such as lightbox skin type, enable captions, transitions type, thumbnail size, autoplay, zoom, rotate, show-hide controls, etc.

URL prefix

Modify the URL prefix of your projects or categories, also choose your link method to load your projects.


List Layout

The classic blog layout places posts in vertical order as a list, the latest post will show the first and it goes on.

Grid Layout

The grid layout will show your latest blog posts in a grid where you choose the number of columns you want to split the grid into.

Styled hover effects

Hover styles are designed and implemented in a way to make the site more interactive and stylish to be in line with your brand guidelines.

Related posts

Under every blog post you have the possibility to show or hide related posts, these posts are similar to the current post.

Author Info

Show or hide author information from single posts, available in 3 different areas in the post – left, right or below the blog post content.

Sidebar Options

Show or hide the sidebar in a blog archive or blog post, there are plenty of styles to use for the sidebar and different placements for it.

Social Network Sharing

Included in the theme you will get options to share the blog posts to the most known social networks, there is no need for extra plugins.


More than 130 articles. Read the documentation and learn how to get the most of your Kalium theme.

Submit a ticket to our 1on1 Support Desk for any problems or questions you’ve got with the theme.

Join our official Kalium theme community group on Facebook to get ideas and help from Kalium users.

Watch our video tutorials, step by step instructions to set up the theme within just a few minutes.


Responsive for any device

Responsive design is a but a must nowadays, Kalium theme has been seamlessly adapted for every device such as desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Visibility system

Show or hide certain elements or rows in different devices such as mobile, tablets, or desktops, with our visibility system you decide what to show.

Mobile Menu Style & Break

Manage the design and breakpoint of your mobile menu directly from the theme options where you can customize the menu appearance.

Responsive typography

Responsive design requires responsive typography, with Kalium you can set a different font size for each screen size to match your device size.

Translation & Multilingual

WPML certified

Kalium is WPML certified, compatible and tested by the WPML team. In case your business needs a multi-language site you are covered.

Polylang support

Kalium theme is also compatible with the Polylang plugin, a powerful plugin that has some core features for free while others are paid services.

.PO files included

The .PO files needed for theme translation are included, so you can translate the theme to any language that you choose to build your site.

Pre-translated in 18 Languages

Translated in 18 languages which will automatically translate the theme, this list will be updated as new languages will be added continuously.

RTL Supported

Seamlessly supports RTL (right-to-left) languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu and automatically switches your site layout to RTL.